Triple Bicycle Gears Lamp

$ 350.00

If you need a special light fixture to go in a space that needs a larger fixture or more light then this is what you need.

The shades are made from a variety of bicycle parts.  It is comprised of gears, lock rings, bearing races, to even cleat mounts.  Half the fun is trying to identify all the pieces.  Each one is truly unique.  These handmade lamps will come with a soft glowing Edison bulb for an awesome effect!  Comes with (3) 5 foot cords so you can easily adjust it for your ceiling and offset the shades from each other and the ceiling to custom fit your space..  If you desire longer wires please let me know.The light fixture comes with a brushed nickel ceiling mount as pictured.

This includes all 3 edison style light bulbs and shipping.

The images are of the fixture installed in my dining room.

The base is roughly 12" diameter.

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