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Thank you for visiting my store.  I have been an avid biker for over 20 years.  I have worked on all kinds of bikes ever since I was a kid.  As I noticed the waste that occurs through regular wear and tear of the bike, I have looked for other ways to repurpose old bike parts.  In my artwork, I have combined my mechanical inclination with my love of biking to create fun functional art.

About my art:  Being the mechanical type, all of the creations are functional and practical to use everyday.  They have all been thoroughly degreased and welded instead of soldered for strength. They are treated with a protective coating.  I do not recommend you leave them in outdoor weather due to the nature of metal to rust unless you are looking for a patina look. If you left your bike in the rain it would rust too.  This also means do not expose to moisture in general (dishwashers, etc).  I put bumpers on creations as needed to protect your furniture.  Each piece is individualized and no two are alike.

About me:  I grew a love of biking ever since I did not have a car in college.  A friend showed me a shortcut to class at WCU one day and I have been biking ever since!  I love both types of biking, street and mountain biking, individually and with groups, racing, and with my kids. 

I take a lot of time and care with what I make so be assured they are good quality.  These items have all been thoroughly cleaned and will not get you greasy.  No wife would have it in the house if it was.

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